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Making Delicious Sushi

Usually people either really love sushi, or they really don’t care for it at all. Many of the people that do not care for it at all have never even tried it. If you have never tried sushi, then it is important to understand that not all sushi is raw. People may be afraid of eating it because they think that the raw fish may make them sick. The truth is that you can get many types of sushi that are cooked, and they taste great. Raw sushi is made of only the highest quality fish, and you will find that it is really not bad for you at all. Usually the people who try it and don’t like it only dislike it because of the texture- not the taste. The taste is great, if you find a fish that you enjoy. Here is a guide to ordering delicious sushi that you are sure to love.

Sushi Rolls

The most common form of sushi is the sushi roll. This is generally made of certain seafood and vegetables that are wrapped in rice that has been vinegared and seaweed sheets. Once it is rolled up, it is cut into slices that are easy to eat. You generally eat this type of sushi with soy sauce, wasabi, or a variety of other sauces that are made specifically for sushi. A popular choice for those that are not brave enough to try the uncooked sushi roll is the California roll. It is made of cucumber, crab meat and avocado. It is really great for those that are new to sushi.


Another common form of sushi is Nigiri. This is made by taking slices of raw fish and serving it on a small portion of rice. Sometime, you may find that it is wrapped in seaweed sheets, but this is usually not common. Some people are a bit nervous to try this type of sushi because it is strictly served uncooked. You will want to start by trying something like salmon or tuna. You may or may not like it, but it is something that many people have grown to love. The flavor is amazing if you can get past the texture of the raw fish.


Sashimi is definitely the form of sushi that is best for those that have tried the other types. This is when you eat sliced raw fish by itself. This means that you do not have the bed of rice or the seaweed wrap. Many people have a hard time talking themselves into trying this, but if you like other types of sushi you may want to try it out. Use a bit of soy sauce and wasabi to create the perfect dipping sauce for your sashimi.

These are the three most common types of sushi. If you have not ever tried sushi, then you will want to start with sushi rolls, then work up to eating Nigiri and Sashimi once you are used to it.

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