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The Most Common Asian Dish Ingredients

If you enjoy eating Asian cuisine, you may be familiar with the ingredients. Some people just eat the food because they like the taste but really never know what is put into it. You should always take some time to learn more about the different types of foods that you enjoy. If you eat Asian foods, then you may want to know more about the common ingredients. There are a few that are found in many of the dishes that you may already love. Here are some of these ingredients.

Various Types of Seeds

There are many different seeds that are used commonly in Asian dishes. You will find that sesame seeds are usually the ones that are found most often. There are also Candlenut seeds, which is a seed that is full of oil. It is used in many dishes as a thickening agent when making dishes that have curry. Star Anise is yet another seed that is shaped like a star. This one has 8 different points and is very sweet. It is also used when making curry.

Leaves and Other Spices

Asian food is full of various different spices. One that you may find is Lemongrass. This is actually a plant that smells like lemon. You only use the bottom part of the stem that appears white when using it in Asian dishes. Galangal is another spice that is used. Some people prefer dishes made with this because it is not really spicy at all. Curry leaves are used when cooking a variety of different Asian dishes as well. These are usually used whole and are mainly used to add flavor. Salam leaves are often added to dishes that have rice. It adds a lot of flavor, and you will find it mostly in Indonesian dishes. Although it is bitter, Cumin is also used quite often. When added to a dish, you do not realize just how bitter this spice actually is. Another spice that you may find is Turmeric. This one is usually added to the dish to enhance the flavor and the color.

Common Pastes

Asian food is created often times by using paste of some sort. Shrimp paste is common, and it is made by using shrimp and salt to create a paste. When you add different spices to it, it can really make a dish amazing. Another paste that is used in Asian food is Asaam paste. This is actually used to create dishes that have a sour taste. Yoou will use a tamarind and extract the juice from it to create the paste. Also, Tamarind peel can be used in many dishes.

These various ingredients may be foreign to you, but if you eat Asian food on occasion chances are you have had many of these ingredients before. Asian cuisine is all about flavor and aroma, and these ingredients help to enhance these aspects of the dishes that you love. There are many other ingredients that are used too, but these are definitely most common.

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